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RGB distribute Lutron’s range of lighting control across the UK & Eire. The world’s best known designer and manufacturer of lighting controls and architectural lighting control systems. Inventors of the solid-state dimming, Lutron is the most recognised and requested brand in the industry. Lutron offers more than 11,000 products from single room dimmers to comprehensive architectural systems that operate lighting throughout an entire building and can control virtually any lamp source. Easily integrated with major control systems or alternatively can now be controlled by a Lutron App.

Key selling point


Unique circuitry to cope with poor voltages around the world

Constant lighting levels

2 year warranty as standard and 8 year limited warranty if Lutron or RGB commission the installation”

Confidence and long term support

Better than 1 in 3,000 failure rate

Reliable product

Electronically protected circuits, hence no fuses

Low cost of maintenance

Inductor free interference suppression

Quiet operation

Lutron Rania - multiway dimming

Dimming from more than one location

Lutron Integrale - has the ability to dim different types of light source on the same unit

Get out of jail option for installations

Failsafe operation

Lutron HomeWorks and GRAFIK Eye® pre-set local lighting controls remain fully functional even in the unlikely event communication to the processor is interrupted.

Power failure memory

All Lutron HomeWorks components are designed with 10 year power failure memory. If power is interrupted temporarily and restored, lights will automatically return to the pre-set levels.

Upgrading older systems to the newest technology

Lutron lighting systems are modular, so system upgrades can often be achieved without replacing all of the equipment and software.

Making additions to the system

Virtually any Lutron lighting system can be expanded to meet changing needs. Systems are modular and expandable allowing you to add the additional features or capacity required

Coordinate your whole home

Co-ordinate your Lutron lighting dimmers with matching accessories and wall plates. Customer options are even available.



  • 2 years return to depot - covers parts and labour in practice Lutron will replace products rather than repair them.
  • HomeWork’s systems warranty is an 8 'Limited' return to depot warranty. This only applies when a Lutron engineer or a Lutron certified installer supplies and commissions a system. Replacement item is provided once the item has been returned and confirmed faulty by Lutron.
  • How it works:
  • Year 1, 2 - If a product fails, Lutron will cover 100% of the cost of item.
  • Years 3, 4, 5 - Lutron cover 50% of the item cost (The dealer must place order to cover standard trade price less 50%)
  • Years 6, 7, 8 - Lutron cover only 25% of the item cost (the dealer must place an order to cover Standard Trade less -25%)
  • Homework’s not commissioned has standard return to depot warranty for 2 years.