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RGB distribute Barco’s range of high end, large venue projectors and image processing products within the UK & Eire. We do not distribute their mid-range/lower end projectors or Clickshare products. Barco is an industry leading supplier of projection and image processing equipment for the rental and staging, live events, commercial and education markets. Their projectors feature both high resolution and high brightness making them perfect for professional applications where image quality and/or high brightness is demanded.
All Barco projectors use DLP technology for unrivalled reliability and durability. Their image processing products utilise industry leading scaling technology enabling the conversion of any signal format and resolution into any other signal format and resolution. Additionally, switching equipment allowing multiple picture-in-picture over single or blended projected images are ideal tools for live events and the more demanding boardroom or collaboration environment.

Key selling point


The DCS-100 is a true seamless switcher

There is absolutely no freezing or switching through black

The DCS-200 has a preview output that can be at the same or different resolution as the main output

Preview the next item in your presentation without displaying it to the audience

ImagePRO High Performance Scaler is so adaptable, it is known as the “Swiss Army knife ” of scan converters

Will adapt a variety of signal input types to a variety of signal output types to maximise display device resolution

CLM R10+ and HD8 projectors contain the brightest single DLP chip in the market (10.000 ANSI lm/10.500 c lm and 8.000 ANSI lm/8.500 c lm)

For challenging environments where high brightness is required to budget, however, maintaining all the advantages of DLP technology

XLM HD30 projector is the brightest projector available on the market today. As the first DLPTM projector with a native wide-screen aspect ratio, native 2048 x 1080 resolution and light output of 30,000 centre lumen, the XLM HD30 projector is ideally suited to ultra wide- screen and HD projections.

For extremely large venue or even outdoor projection opportunities

All FLM, SLM, XLM, CLM and NW projectors have in-built PiP and blending capabilities.

Allowing multi-channel projection systems to be installed without the use of external processing

The NW12 has in-built warping capability for geometry correction when projecting onto curved screens

To maintain perfect geometry even when projecting onto non-uniform screen surfaces

Using Screen Pro II and associated Blend Pro II create edge blended, multiple PiP images with any manufacturer's projector

Giving the ability to retro-fit into existing solutions or even to utilise 'budget' projectors in multi- channel systems



  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 3 year return to Barco on image processing products
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 2 year return to Barco (factory in Belgium) on projectors, except the Light engine which is 12 months
  • Lamp warranty: to be confirmed
  • All products sold by RGB will be supported by RGB. Please call us on 0844 8800785 or +44 (0)1488 73366
  • All products sold prior to RGB (before 1/3/09) will be supported by Barco. Please visit


  • Barco’s DML-1200 digital moving luminaire was awarded Best Display Product of the year, while The Comcast Experience with Barco’s NX-4 LED product won the award for Digital Media Project of the year.