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Savant Systems Europe (a division of RGB) are the exclusive distributor for Savant’s range of Apple based control systems in the UK, Eire and European markets. Savant is the industry’s only native Apple®-based control and automation solution.
Savant’s state-of-the-art Apple®-based control and media platform has no equal. Leveraging the ease of use that people love about their iPad® or iPhone® to control virtually any appliance or device in your home or office, no matter where you are. Savant empowers dealers with the highest quality control and media distribution products and services that meet the elevated expectations of today's consumer with an evolving taste for technology, while making deployment easier, quicker, more robust and profitable.

Key selling point


Native Apple® based control system and Savant are a member of Apple’s® Proprietary Solutions Provider Program

Savant uses proven and robust Macintosh® technology to power automation and control solutions like no other! Everything is rigorously tested and proven; it is technology with a flair for style, an eye toward décor, and ultimate ease of use.

Powerful business model

Savant systems are configured rather than programmed with complex unreliable code like legacy systems. Rollout complex installations in far quicker time and maximise profitability.

Savant’s automation app

Control your whole environment from one or more iPads®, iPod touch’s® or iPhones® with immersive controls that include user-defined backgrounds and categories, integration and interaction with iTunes® multimedia content, security cameras, and many, many more devices and services. Offers “iPhone®-like” navigation and control either wirelessly or built-in to the wall as desired.

Business and corporate

Savant is committed to redefining business and corporate control systems with a visionary solution to automation. Their business solutions emphasise reliability and a maintenance-friendly open platform. The Savant product suite is perfect for commercial applications such as boardrooms, conference rooms, training facilities, long distance learning, auditoriums etc. with easy-to-control, flexible and scalable solutions.

Multi room audio & video

Savant’s multi room audio and video solutions transform any room into an environment filled with mood enhancing music and exhilarating HD video. With an integrated iTunes®-based media server delivering up to four streams at once in a familiar digital jukebox experience. Features seamless HDMI video switching that is extremely fast, reliable and 3D ready.

Control across the Internet

When you’re away from your home/office you retain the same level of control as if you never left. Simply pull out your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch®, select Savant’s Automation Application, and administer control over the task in question from half a world away. Monitoring and making changes to your smart systems is quick and easy.

TrueImage Control™ technology

Unique, attractive and so easy to use. You can “swipe” through professionally photographed images of each room in your environment to issue your touch commands.

TrueCommand™ technology

Unique method of control via your TV screen or projector. Impressive and easy to use HD graphics are superimposed over live TV pictures for easy control via a simple wireless handset or the Savant Automation App.

Savant are a technology focussed company that are always looking to improve and grow their product portfolio

Customers will always get the latest and greatest solutions.

Tried and tested systems and installations for many years in the USA

Customers do not have to feel they are taking a risk with a new unproven product and can be secure in the knowledge that Savant will be around in many years to come.



  • Savant Smart controllers 5 years warranty
  • Remotes 2 years warranty
  • Savant Smart telephony 13 months warranty
  • Savant iOS docks, keypads and peripherals 13 months warranty
  • Savant Host and servers 13 months warranty
  • Savant sound speakers and amplifiers 3 years warranty
  • Signal extenders, cables, power supplies and other accessories 13 months warranty


  • 2010 Electronic House Products of the Year – Savant's TrueControl iPad™ Application
  • 2010 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles® Award Winner – Savant iPad™ Automation Application
  • 2010 Custom Retailer's Exc!te Award - Savant iPad™ Automation App
  • 2009 Best Products of 2009 in TrueImage Control Technology
  • 2009 Best of Business Award in the Control & Audio/Video Electronic Systems category
  • 2009 CEPro Best Award - Multi-Room Touchscreen - ROSIE Surface
  • 2009 Exc!te Award - TrueImage Control™
  • 2009 Resi Award - ROSIE Contemporary Remotes
  • 2009 Best Control System – Rosie System 12
  • 2009 Best Distributed AV Product – Rosie System 12
  • 2008 The Innovator of the Year – Savant Systems Rosie
  • 2008 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles® Award Winner – ROSIE Remotes & OSD
  • 2008 Electronic House Product of the year – ROSIE System 12
  • 2008 EXC!TE Custom Retailer Award Winner – ROSIE System 12