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Revolution Accoustics

RGB are the exclusive UK & Eire distributors of Revolution Acoustics range of innovative invisible speakers. Unlike other invisible speakers a subwoofer is not required, the Revolution Acoustics transducers can be applied, with ease, to almost any substrate (panel) in less than 3 minutes, instantly causing the material to become a huge speaker. No need for arduous installation efforts requiring carpentry, plaster over coats, special finishing or paint - it’s adhere and go. Simply magical. Invisible audio which is literally out of sight with performance to match.

Key selling point


Simple Installation

Saves you time and money! Installation is quick and simple, simply use glue (or high bond tape for glass), so no special plaster finish required unlike with competitive products. For retro fit installation in a drywall simply make a 127mm hole to access the rear surface, much smaller than the 409mm x 307mm hole needed for its main competitor.

Flexible Installation

Revolution Acoustics is suitable for almost any requirements. Without needing to make a cut-out, you can install Revolution Acoustics on glass, drywall, tables, cupboards, bars and other surfaces.

No Sub-Woofer Needed

Subwoofers can be bulky and expensive, so by not needing one you greatly save on cost and allow for easier/neater installation

Turns the whole wall into a speaker

It sounds great wherever you are stood in the room and also means there is less stress on the plaster than in competitive systems, so it won’t crack.

Easy to test

Test for sound reproduction before installation by simply pressing the driver onto the intended surface. With competitive products, you need to install it to be able to test its performance and it is difficult to revise after the install if the sound isn’t quite right.

Amazing Performance

The quality of sound produced really does speak for itself here. With Revolution Acoustics, hearing is believing!