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AV Stumpfl

AV Stumpfl GmbH, founded in Austria by Reinhold and Ulli Stumpfl, created its patented one-touch locking mechanism, the first innovation in portable projection screens since 1959. It was the only business to sell such a system until 2001.
To this day, AV Stumpl’s Projection Screens feature an unequalled design and manufacturing precision, very low operating economics and provide the best picture quality possible. They are available in mobile, roll up, fixed frame and a wide variety of custom form factors including very large sized seamless curved screens.
AV Stumpfl also specialise in producing high quality media servers. If you are looking to provide a corporate event with presets and live inputs or the perfectly synchronised playback of multiple 8K image sequences then AV Stumpfl’s media server portfolio covers everything.

Key selling point


A Prestigious History

AV Stumpfl projection screens have to meet strict requirements which are defined based on 40 years of field experience. All this to ensure you get the best products for your customers.

The best technology and materials

Beyond their technical expertise and specially sourced materials they have also developed their own machinery for metal component and vinyl processing since no machine available on the market met their operating requirements.

Limitless Customisability

Any Size. Any Aspect Ratio. Any Radius. Any Border. Anywhere. AV Stumpfl’s specialist expertise means that absolutely any specifications that you can dream of can be realised.

Wide Functionality

Features such as: Video and Media Content Production, Multi Projector / Display Setup, Live Media Playback Control, 3D Content Mapping mean you can put on a fantastic show


Every installation has different requirements, which is why AV Stumpfl has different hardware platforms and flexible software solutions



  • Screens – 5 years for Structure & 2 years for screen surface
  • Media Servers – 2 Years