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SurgeX SX2213 Review - By Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

28 April 2016

This is an exceptionally capable power conditioner and suitable for using with any electronic equipment. It's listed here under stage lighting accessories, and I'd recommend it any day as great protection for stage equipment, be it lighting, amps or whatever.

But I'd suggest that most Amazon customers are computer users and hi-fi owners. And for those of us who are, and in my humble opinion, this qualifies as The Best Equipment Investment You Could Make!

"Why?" I hear you ask yourself! Well, it's simple - the mains power supplied by your domestic sockets is not the pure, clean perfectly shaped AC sine wave at a constant and steady 230V like the pictures you saw in school science lessons. In the real world it's jaggy, possibly erratic, and full of transients and surges caused by back emf induced through motorised equipment such as fridge compressors and washing machines. Other electronic devices can feed spikes into the system too. All of this damages and eventually kills your valuable micro circuitry, causing significant performance loss, especially for hi-fi and hi definition television pictures. Why pay thousands on decent kit then feed it with a polluted power supply? You certainly won't get the best performance from it. Do you think Mo Farah eats junk food?

Put simply, this Surgex completely eliminates all the damaging surges and removes electromagnetic and radio frequency interference too. Don't be fooled into thinking cheap "surge protector" power leads can do the same thing - they can't, and they work very differently. I've written a review of another Surgex model which goes into a lot more technical detail about all of this. I shan't repeat myself but if you want the full story click on
Surgex International SX2213RL Surge Eliminator with Light Connectors It differs from this model in that it has front mounted light sockets plus two additional features of inrush current elimination (possibly best avoided if you use an analogue amp) and a feature that disconnects if the supply voltage deviates from a 190 - 280V range (which is very uncommon here in the UK) In all other respects both units provide the same protection and conditioning, leading to the same performance boost to whatever you power through it. This model benefits from an additional front mounted socket, a cleaner looking front panel and is slightly cheaper.

As I explain fully in the other review the results I saw from plugging my Cyrus/Nad/Panasonic/Monitor Audio hi-fi and AV system into a Surgex, were nothing short of astonishing. Freed from having to fight with and compensate for a polluted power supply, my separates are able to show their full capabilities. All were improved markedly. It has given me the sort of performance uplift I previously only imagined possible if I'd upgraded all my kit. And that would have cost around four thousand pounds. So the price I paid for the Surgex was the best hi-fi investment I've ever made, basically!


5/5 Stars


By Harry Brownrigg

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