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Article: Consumer or Enterprise network?

15 April 2013

As homeowners increasingly rely on IP networks for content and control of their integrated entertainment and automation systems, they expect their networks to provide a reliable, fast and smooth user experience for all of their many devices.


This can place demands on the network that far exceed the ability of consumer-grade equipment to deliver as they were never designed to handle large numbers of devices or the audio/video environments found in modern homes or businesses. This often results in poor Wi-Fi connection, low speed and patchy roaming, data loss, stuttering media playing, frequent reboots, product failures and more on-site service calls.


Homes can benefit hugely from enterprise grade networks with their more powerful processors and enhanced features such as VPN, VLANs and QoS for faster downloads, clearer audio or video streams with higher reliability and durability.


Yes, they are more expensive than consumer-grade products, but in terms of value, there are few better ways to ensure that you deliver the user experience your customer expects.


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