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Article: Pakedge’s Virtual Cell Wi-Fi network

17 April 2013


Pakedge’s Virtual Cell Wi-Fi network is the only reliable way to roam, interruption free, with Wi-Fi devices in areas that require multiple Wireless Access Points (WAPs) to provide coverage. The Virtual Cell Controller works by virtualizing the entire wireless environment for all the connected Wi-Fi client devices (i.e. laptops, tablets, smartphones, touch panels, etc.) with the effect that a wireless client device sees only one WAP wherever it may be, even though there are many WAP’s installed.


This ensures that as the client device moves about the network it is never required to disconnect from one WAP, re-tune and re-connect to the next WAP thereby avoiding such wireless hand-off interruptions that happen with all conventional Wi-Fi systems. It is like the WAP follows the client along with them as they move about.


For iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) which have a tendency to be “sticky” with their Wi-Fi connections (i.e. they tend to remain connected to a WAP even when its signal strength is low, yet a stronger alternative WAP signal is available) Pakedge Virtual Cell technology maintains the best possible data speeds as well as interruption free media streaming, environmental control and internet surfing. 


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