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RGB Press Release: RGB Comms Provides Accredited Channel Partners With Savant's Latest SmartView Video Tiling Technology

4 June 2013

Hungerford, Berkshire, UK – 4 June, 2013: In line with its ethos to provide its channel partners with market leading, revenue generating AV solutions, RGB Communications has added Savant Systems' latest SmartView Video Tiling technology, which extends its original six tile capacity to deliver up to nine high definition (HD) windows of content or media from as many as 24 sources on a single display, to its existing Savant distribution portfolio.


From Savant's intuitive iPad® interface, SmartView Video Tiling allows end users to quickly and easily select and control multiple programs with both HD video and audio on a single display. SmartView Video Tiling accepts video input resolutions up to 1080p while delivering HD video to the display via HDMI®. Source inputs range from Blu-ray players, cable boxes, security cameras or other video devices.


"Savant has once again used the intuitive features of Apple® devices in this case the iPad, to take display solutions for both the commercial and residential marketplace to a new level, at the same time as providing the best possible user experience," said Gordon Innocent, RGB's Chairman. "SmartView Video Tiling provides our Savant accredited channel partners with up-sell opportunities with their existing Savant customers as well as giving them an exciting new solution with which to win new business.


Using Savant's TrueControl™ iPad app along with familiar Apple gestures, users are able to drag and drop selected sources to any location within the tile grid, pinch and zoom to have any source take over the entire display as well as being able to create custom tiling layouts and channel presets for easy recall.


From a commercial perspective, Savant's SmartView Video Tiling provides RGB's channel partners with an opportunity to both up-sell to existing Savant users and to win new business by demonstrating just how SmartView meets the exacting demands of today's corporate environment.


"Savant SmartView makes it easy to present all the things you ever wanted to in a meeting all at the same time and all on the same display. Your Powerpoint presentation can be in one window, the video content to be viewed in another, the demo you want to show in another, etc., etc.," continued Innocent. "In a corporate environment, SmartView brings together collaboration and communication with a single touch of your iPad."


In the residential environment users can check the scores of multiple football games or the results of several horse races, watch the golf, look at the news, and even see who has just knocked at the door, all without disrupting the film that the rest of the family is watching.


"SmartView Tiling delivers the ultimate in flexibility for an HD viewing experience and is a must have for those looking to have the 'latest and greatest' in consumer home entertainment technology," added Innocent.


Savant's latest solution also overcomes a growing requirement from both commercial and residential users for the efficient use of all available space. This has driven the need to deliver solutions which help to reduce unnecessary clutter. The ability to provide multiple windows of content in just a single display perfectly meets this demand as well as reducing energy consumption, another concern for many who want to both work and live in an environmentally friendly manner.




Savant's SmartView Video Tiling is available as multi window video processing modules to upgrade existing Savant SmartMediaPro systems or as a packaged solution. For more information contact RGB on +44 1488 73366.


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