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RGB Press Release: Canon's New XEED Projectors Will Help RGB Comms' Channel Partners Exceed Customers' Projection Requirements

18 June 2013

Hungerford, Berkshire, UK: 18 June, 2013 – As further evidence of RGB Communications' commitment to ensuring that its channel partners have the latest technology solutions so that they can drive new business opportunities to increase revenue, RGB has added Canon's latest compact XEED projectors to its projection distribution portfolio.


"The latest XEED projectors deliver high end performance at a mid level price point providing our channel partners with easy to install, cost effective projection solutions which will enable them to not only match, but to exceed their customers' growing projection requirements for nothing less than outstanding image quality," explained Gordon Innocent, RGB Comms' Chairman.


RGB is confident that Canon's short throw XEED projectors, the WUX400ST and WX450ST will be very important in helping its channel partners to increase projection revenue around difficult installations and where space restriction is an issue.


Both the WUX400ST and the WX450ST feature Canon's new short throw lens which is able to achieve under 0.6 throw ratio allowing the configuration of solutions where a 2 metre wide image can be projected from as close as 1.2 metres - typically one third of the distance necessary with conventional projectors. The lens also features vertical and horizontal shift - up to 77% - with virtually no image degradation, overcoming the common problems associated with short throw ‘off-axis’ projection.


"This short throw capability combined with high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, a shiftable wide angle lens and the ability to deliver front and rear projection, will open up the number of applications where the WUX400ST and the WX450ST suddenly become the perfect fit, especially within the education and visitor attraction marketplace," added Innocent.


The new XEED range of compact projectors, which provide outstanding image quality and the features and performance normally associated with full-size installation models, also includes two standard models the XEED WUX450 and WX520.


Due to a constant aperture of F2.8, both standard models are able to deliver constant brightness throughout the full 1.8x zoom range resulting in virtually no loss of luminosity regardless of where the projector is positioned. The combination of Canon's ability to delivery constant brightness combined with LCOS technology is unique to Canon and allows RGB's channel partners to install the WUX450 and WX500 at various throw distances with no compromise on image quality or brightness.


Advanced features of the XEED WUX450 and WX520 which will contribute to minimising the installation time of difficult or specialist projection requirements are cornerstone correction, making it easy to digitally align displays from any projection angle and hardware edge blending, also available on the short throw models, allowing the creation of seamless panoramic images using multiple projectors.


In addition dual display mode, a feature on all of the four new projectors, allows two separate digital and/or analogue image sources to appear on a single display, an increasingly important feature to meet the growing need for video conferencing and collaboration applications.


"RGB continually strives to provide our channel partners with products which will enable them to deliver tailored projection solutions for their customers regardless of the environment or application. Canon's XEED range certainly does that," commented Innocent.


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