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Product News: ClearOne Converge USB

1 September 2013

The CONVERGE® USB device provides plugand-play USB connectivity between popular desktop and laptop UC applications and CONVERGE Pro for full, rich, professional sound — without any firmware or software upgrades.


+ Provides USB audio In/Out between desktops/laptops and CONVERGE units


+ Plug-and-play peripheral connects desktops/laptops with professional  audio for ClearOne COLLABORATE® Desktop and other popular UC  applications such as Skype™


+ Easily connects with ClearOne COLLABORATE® Room video 

 conferencing system for best-in-class audio


+ Used as Expansion bus extender by extending the distance to another  200 feet per unit, by using expansion bus (G-Link) In & Out ports


+ Connects to CONVERGE units through G-link expansion bus


+ CONVERGE Pro units require version 4.0 and above firmware & software


+ Works with all existing CONVERGE Pro and SR products


+ Powered through external power supply


+ GPIO pin controls the expansion bus selection


+ Volume controlled through desktop/laptop


For  More Information View the Data Sheet

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