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RGB Product Launch: Go Go Power Ranges

23 October 2013



With the growing demand for home and commercial automation and control systems, delivering manageable, controllable and safe power is becoming more of a “must have” rather than a “nice to have”. To complement its existing range of Pakedge power products, RGB now has a solution to meet every situation, from a basic system to a complex install. 


Welcome to the “The Power Ranges”, a new line of power distribution products from RGB.


Power Range: Geist

As an entry level solution, the Geist range of units supplied by RGB offers straight forward power distribution housed in a rack-mountable, heavy-duty, durable, powder-coated case in a variety of switched or non-switched, horizontal, vertical and socket configurations.


Protection Range: SurgeX

With an impressive list of end-users across every sector including government, multi-national organisations and the residential sector, SurgeX delivers a complete line of AC power solutions that eliminate power surges using patented Advanced Series Mode® technology. SurgeX maximises equipment life, reduces maintenance or down time and ultimately protects equipment from catastrophic electrical events without the need for sacrificial or diversionary components that are normally found in competitor products. Since its introduction, no equipment protected by SurgeX has ever failed due to a surge-related event, which is why it is backed with an industry leading 10 year warranty.


“We are very pleased to be distributing SurgeX power units”, said RGB’s Chairman Gordon Innocent. “With our reputation as a consultative technical distributor, the SurgeX products are a great addition to our already popular range of home and commercial automation systems. Available with sequencing control the SurgeX units are being regularly installed alongside SAVANT in our class leading racking from Middle Atlantic Products. We expect to see SurgeX become the “must have” power distribution unit for the majority of installs”.


Performance Range: Torus Power


With a long list of awards and seen as a high end product for the most exclusive of installs, Torus delivers exceptional power performance. Boasting numerous advanced features such as mains isolation for improved audio and video performance, surge suppression, voltage regulation, LCD display and remote power monitoring and control, Torus Power is available for rack or free standing installation.


For further information please call our sales desk on 0844 8800 765.

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