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RGB quietly undergo some radical changes

15 January 2015

Over the last few years RGB had taken on a number of new suppliers, mainly to fill perceived gaps in our product portfolio and because we kept being asked to represent new manufacturers.  It was hard to say no to flattering advances and the potential additional turnover.

The end result was that we had 24 brands and it became rather difficult to justify our claim to be a true technical, added value distributor. In fact it became quite challenging for us to keep up to date and manage so many products and suppliers. The answer to a quick question, “what do RGB do?” became a long waffle rather than a quick, simple and concise 30 second ‘elevator pitch’. This coincided with Savant asking us to expand our territory to look after the bulk of Europe.

So, over the past 8 months, we have created 5 teams who consist of field sales, internal sales and technical support people who sit together. Each have a small group of brands to focus on, ensuring the very high level of sales & technical support that is expected of us.  

The teams and their brands are as follows;

  • ‘AV’ – ClearOne (conferencing), Kramer (connectivity) & Revolabs (wireless mics)

  • ‘Residential’ – Lutron (lighting), Oceanair (blinds), Pakedge (networking) and RBH (speakers)

  • ‘Displays’ – Barco (projectors), Canon (projectors), Draper (screens) & NEC (projectors)

  • ‘Racks & Power’ – Middle Atlantic (racks) & Surgex (power management) 

  • ‘Savant Systems Europe’ – Savant (control)

We have also quietly said goodbye to quite a number of suppliers and removed confusing overlaps with others. We now represent just 14 key suppliers.

Hence, we are again truly able to provide our customers and suppliers with the focus and support they need and hand on heart claim to be ‘The’ technical, added value distributor since 1991.

We are back in the position where we can give a 30 second ‘elevator pitch’ without leaving people not knowing what we do and why we are different from run of the mill distributors and pretenders to our crown. So, here’s our elevator pitch;

RGB was established in 1991 as a technical distributor. We distribute audio visual solutions to AV resellers and custom installers. Our products include; Room & Lighting Control, Networks, Audio & Video Conferencing, Projection, Connectivity, Rack, Power management and Meeting Room signage.

Where we differ from run of the mill distributors is our technical expertise, our focus by not distributing conflicting products, not representing too many manufacturers, extensive dealer training program, an enviable reputation, our commitment to customer service, consistency and longevity.

Our mission statement is; to provide our customers, suppliers and staff with a long term, profitable relationship.

That’s all for now folks.


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