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RGB Introduce New Manufacturer - Revolution Acoustics

23 April 2015

RGB Communications are excited to announce they are now the exclusive UK and Eire distributor for Revolution Acoustics’ range of innovative invisible speakers. Complementing RGB’s range of conventional architectural speakers, Revolution Acoustics is changing how people interact with sound, solving the legacy issues with point source speakers at last, and doing so in the new form factor: Invisible.



The world has been longing for invisible audio since audio was invented and Revolution Acoustics has responded with class-leading solutions. Sound is all about moving air. For decades, the audio industry has used the wrong mechanisms to move the air; small inefficient dynamic drivers. Revolution Acoustics takes a much better approach to this concept by actually using the very objects that surround us… walls, windows, ceilings, furniture and so on.



After years of research and development, Revolution Acoustics’ products are singlehandedly resolving challenging audio installation problems through outstanding engineering and patented technology.



Unlike other invisible speakers a subwoofer is not required, the Revolution Acoustics transducers can be applied, with ease, to almost any substrate (panel) in less than 3 minutes, instantly causing the material to become a massive high fidelity audio radiator. No need for arduous installation efforts requiring carpentry, plaster over coats, special finishing or paint, it’s adhere and go. Simply magical. Invisible audio which is literally out of sight with performance to match.



IP65 waterproof and dust proof certification opens up a myriad of installation opportunities in luxury residences, marine, hospitality and retail. In office applications the suspended ceilings the CR2 and CR4 T-Bar ceiling speakers for the first time provide perfectly even sound propagation invisibly. A pair of Multiducers™ can replace double or more conventional speakers offering exceptional value with a more immersive sound field, a wider polar dispersion, even sound pressure and frequency response. Simplicity personified - coupled with outstanding performance.



Revolution Acoustics gives “voice” to our built environments, magically transforming how we interact with them.



Hearing is believing as words do not do justice to experience! Contact RGB Communications on 0844 8800 765 to book a demonstration or to find out more!


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