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TechLogix AV over IP System wins Best in Show Award

23 February 2017

TechLogix's flagship IPFO Series AV over IP platform won the Top New Technology award for Signal Distribution Technology at this year's ISE convention. A marriage of intuitive software and cutting-edge hardware, the IPFO Series is breaking boundaries for both custom and commercial applications by: 


Transmitting 18G HDMI up to 30km

Eliminating the need for proprietary network switches 

Merging the AV and IT networks without slowing down network speeds--even when running 4K@60 video 

Merging Ethernet, bi-directional IR and RS232 into AV signal stream 

Eliminating the need for 3rd party control drivers

And revolutionising system setup with architecturally based TLXpress design, configuration and control software.


RGB are very proud to be represent award winning brands such as TechLogix. To find out how TechLogix can improve you product offering and aid your installs, please contact us.




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