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Buying big electric projection screens?

17 March 2017

Big spaces, such as University lecture theatres, demand big images. Flat screens just don't cut the mustard here, so a projector and a big (typically, bespoke and electric) projection screen will be required.

How do you avoid all the hassle, cost, time and risks associated with buying from the USA?

  • Flying them in can be very expensive
  • Shipping by sea takes time
  • Plenty of risk of damage in transit
  • Handling and Storage

Easy.... dont! Buy AV Stumpfl from us.

  • A lorry from Europe that can deliver straight to site

AV Stumpfl are experts in manufacturing large screens, their quality and reliability are second to none too.

The Magnum range

The optimal solution for large event locations: MAGNUM – the large-scale projection screen with electric drive. MAGNUM consists of an aluminum/steel construction with bearings that have been especially developed for this purpose including safety catch. It is manufactured in accordance with DIN19045. The glass-fiber reinforced, light-proof screen material has heat-sealed seams that are invisible during projection. MAGNUM by AV Stumpfl has the greatness and size that undoubtedly pays off.

Standard sizes from 237 to 394 inches diagonal. Other sizes by request.

The Inline range

Standard size or tailor-made - INLINE provides a stylish hiding place for your projection screen. A top-quality, stationary projection screen must meet a number of criteria. The projected images must be large, brilliant and effective. Out of use, the screen should be invisible. That‘s why the INLINE system makes the lower screen edge disappear into the casing until it is level with it.

Standard sizes from 108 to 252 inches diagonal. Other sizes by request.




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