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LCOS projection, what's that all about?

21 March 2017

DLP, LCD and Laser projectors from manufacturers such as; Infocus, Hitachi, Sony, Panasonic, Christie, Epson, Optoma, Casio, NEC etc. All well known technologies and brand names that we in the AV industry have all heard of. Most of which your customers will have heard of too.

So, instead of going along with the same thing that your competitor is likely to be quoting, why not break the mould, and try quoting something different for a change, that has a great brand name with a different technology....?


The technology is called LCOS and it's really rather good

LCOS - Liquid Crystal on Silicon. See the linked document.

  • Negligible lattice effect
  • No rainbow effect
  • Excellent colour gradation
  • They out perform projectors that specify higher brightness

Comparing brightness on paper

That doesn't work well here. Measuring the lumens of an LCOS projector in the same way as others, using a light meter on a white image, will show it to be less bright than the others. However, where LCOS comes into it's own is on colour reproduction. Colour images can't be measured the same way. But, and it's a big but, who projects white images in real life?


Who's it from?    


  • Great brand, everyone's heard of them
  • They make rather good lenses too - they make their own for these projectors
  • 3 years warranty with loan units
  • 3 years lamp warranty too

A pretty good proposition?


Canon acheived No1 market share for WUXGA 5000-6000 lumens accross EMEA  in 2016.    




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