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What is a Huddle Space?

22 March 2017

A Huddle Space is quite simply a small space or room that is allocated to meetings for small groups of people.

They are used for one to one meetings/chats, conferencing, group meetings to collaborate, educate, presentations, problem solving.  Just about anything.


They may, or may not, contain equipment or standard meeting room furniture. If they do, they might typically contain a table, chairs, a flat screen, some form of switching sources to the screen from laptops etc. a small pair of speakers, a white board and possibly a microphone/speaker for lap top based conferencing.


What products do we have in our armoury for these spaces? Here are some examples;

  • 'Share-me' kit.  An HDMI manual/auto switcher with 3 inputs, 1 out. 2 quick fit HDMI table top sockets, 2 HDMI cables. TL-SMKIT-01 from TechLogix
  • An HDMI adaptor ring, for those laptops without an HDMI output. The TL-DL-AR from Techlogix 
  • USB, portable, speakerphone providing crystal clear audio for ad-hoc conferencing. CHAT-50 from ClearOne
  • USB, HD camera for PC based web conferencing. The UNITE 200 from ClearOne
  •  A pair of speakers or a speaker bar. Ultra1 - a pair of wall mount speakers or the Ultra 3 - a speaker bar. Both from RBH

All you need then, is a flat screen.



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