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Did you know? April 2017

27 March 2017

A small selection of nuggets of useful information about some of our key product ranges:


Lutron and Amazon Alexa – Using an Alexa skill, customers in the UK and Germany with an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot device in their home can now enjoy hands-free, voice-activated control of lights, blinds and temperature through HomeWorks QS or GRAFIK RA 2 systems. Adding the simplicity of voice-activated scene and room control to Lutron systems is an ideal match for homeowners looking to use this popular new technology. Alexa-enabled devices are typically used where people spend most of their time, for instance the family room and kitchen.


Nest Learning Thermostats can be controlled by voice with Amazon Echo devices. TIP: Setup the Nest thermostat with a name you can remember when speaking to Alexa. For example “Alexa, set my dining room temperature to 20.” Or “Alexa, raise the master bedroom by 2 degrees.”



Nest Cameras can be recorded locally without subscribing to Nest Aware by using the video security program from Blue Iris Software. It makes use of the little known option that all Nest cameras have to share their video stream for free, without an App, by using a password-protected link, or you can stream the video publicly for anybody to see.


Many first generation 4K/UHD TVs were manufactured with HDMI inputs that only supported HDCP 1.4 which are therefore not compatible with newer source devices such as UHD Blu-ray Players that use HDCP 2.2. But now there is an  HDCP converter made by TechLogix (TL-C-HDCP) that solves the problem with a compact inline HDMI module that allows brand new equipment to be integrated into an existing audio-visual system.


For added value and convenience all of the Atlona HDBaseT matrix switchers include 1 to 4 extra HDMI outputs that can be used for additional independent video zones. But these can also be used to send multi-channel surround sound to AV receivers, or for cable runs that exceed the HDBaseT limit of 100m, they can be used with fibre-optic HDMI or AV Over IP extenders.  


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