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RBH Sound - Manufacturing great sound

1 March 2017

RBH Sound, USA, are a privately owned, manufacturer of speakers. Initially founded in 1976 as an OEM manufacturer for rather well known names such as: JBL, Fosgate, Mcintosh and Parasound, in 1986 they changed their business model and opted to build their own brand name.


Their product range, for use both in residential and commercial markets, is designed to meet the needs of:

  • Installers
  • Users who want incredible sound

Their product range includes:

  • Speakers - Bookshelf, in-ceiling, in-wall, centre channels, sound bar, surround and towers
  • Amplifiers - Subwoofer and Bluetooth
  • Earphones - Noise isolating
  • Headphones - Noise isolating
  • Accessories

RGB is their exclusive distributor in the UK & Eire.


Where can you see & hear the speakers in action?

  • At our offices we have a comprehensive range of installed speakers
  • At your own premises, just ask us for a demonstration or loan


  • A, TK & MC Series In-wall/In-ceiling: 25 years
  • Signature In-wall: 5 years
  • Freestanding speakers and subwoofers in the CT Series, TK Series, MC Series, M Series and Signature Series: 5 years (except amplifiers)
  • Electronic components such as Subwoofer Amplifiers (including integrated powered subwoofer amplifiers): 1 year. E.G. a Signature Series powered subwoofer would have a 1 year warranty on the amplifier, but a 5 year warranty on everything else


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