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Power management and distribution solutions

3 May 2017

Check out our superb range of power management and distribution solutions from SurgeX, Pakedge & TechLogix.


Please note sacrificial protection (MOV) involves component replacement to reset the device, whilst elimination does not. 


Low voltage distribution

  • TechLogix - Rack mount (1U), 12 outlets, 5, 12 or 24 volt distribution, with IP and RS232 remote on/off per channel, TL-RKPS-01, msrp £1,100 ex VAT

Mains distribution, IP remote with Sequencing

  • Pakedge, Free standing, dual outlet IEC, PK-P2E-UK, msrp £215 ex VAT
  • Pakedge, rack mount (vertical), 20 x IEC outlets, PK-P20E-UK, msrp £610 ex VAT 

Surge elimination only

  • SurgeX - Wall mount branch circuit, 20A unit, SG-SXN-1230, msrp £435 ex VAT

Surge protection & mains distribution

  • Middle Atlantic - Sacrificial MOV protection, Rack mount (1U), 6 x 13A socket outlets, MA-PD613-R-BS, msrp £61.75 ex VAT

Surge protection, mains distribution, IP remote and sequencing

  • Pakedge - Sacrificial MOV protection, Rack mount (1U), 8 x IEC sockets, PK-PE-08i, msrp £440 ex VAT

Surge elimination & mains distribution

  • SurgeX - Wall mount/free standing, dual output 13A socket, SG-SA-132, msrp £349 ex VAT
  • SurgeX - Rack mount (1U),  11 x IEC outlets, SG-SX1213i, msrp £459 ex VAT
  • SurgeX - Rack mount (2U), 7 x 13A socket outlets, SG-SX-2213, msrp £579 ex VAT 

Surge elimination, mains distribution, with sequencing

  • SurgeX, Rack mount (1U), 10 IEC outlets, SG-SEQ1213i, msrp £699 ex VAT
Surge elimination, mains distribution with remote control
  • SurgeX - Rack mount (1U), contact closure remote control, 11 x IEC outlets, SG-SX-1213-RTi, msrp £579 ex VAT 
  • SurgeX - Rack mount (2U), contact closure remote control, 7 x 13A socket outlets, SG-SX2213RT, msrp £669 ex VAT

Surge elimination with IP remote management & monitoring

  • SurgeX - Rack mount/free standing, 8 x IEC outlets, 10A and 16A options available: Axess Elite - SG-SX-AX10Ei and SG-SX-AX16Ei, both msrp £1699 ex VAT

Monitoring only

  • SurgeX - Free standing, dual 10A socket outlets, en-Vision - SG-EV23010-IC, msrp £619 ex VAT



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