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Savant 8.6 is now available

20 October 2017

Savant 8.6 is now available and with it comes new hardware and software updates.


This release includes the debut of the Savant S2 Host, a new wired host for smaller jobs that includes integrated ethernet and control ports. In addition a new music only version of the Savant Music Server is now available as well as IP based control for Samsung TVs.



This new entry level package includes wired ethernet and control ports and comes with a Savant Pro Remote.



In addition to the current Savant Music Server with wired control, coming soon will be a Savant Music only version.



Samsung TV IP Control. IP control option added for 2017 and later Samsung 4K TV models, including the M series and the QN series with One Connect


Update on Savant Entry from the Savant Europe Team
We are expecting the Savant Door Entry hardware to be released in 8.7 which is due in November, with software release early in 2018. (FOC upgrade to installed Savant units). While Savant was originally targeted to release both door entry software and door entry hardware in 2017, there have been delays due to critical priorities.  The most significant of which is addressing the challenges Savant has seen with music streaming from the Smart Host. Unfortunately, this is not something Savant anticipated committing significant engineering effort to when the original new product release schedule was announced in early 2017.  We hope you understand the necessity to rectify a problem which could potentially affect multiple Savant customers with existing solutions.  We have requested confirmed dates for the door entry software release, and will notify you as soon as possible.

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