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Atlona Velocity - Redefining AV control

14 May 2018

Save time with easy configuration.

Configure control systems in minutes with simple, intuitive navigation and menu selections, just like a mobile or web app. Never before have integrators been able to deploy professional AV control systems so efficiently.

Velocity delivers true AV control agility.

Need to modify, update, or improve your control system? In a few mouse clicks, make all the changes and the system automatically pushes the settings to the devices – no compiling or uploading necessary.

Give customers peace of mind with a rock-solid system.

Velocity includes a unique IP system architecture with fully redundant processors and built-in disaster recovery. Should a problem arise in one processor, your control system will recover by itself and keep running with no downtime, and no need for any intervention.

Affordable scalability to grow with your customers.

Velocity is fully scalable from the smallest conference room to the largest facility, without extensive reprogramming, or the need for numerous control processors. Velocity’s software control processor can be hosted on nearly any IT server, making it easy and affordable to scale up to a campus or enterprise.

Ready for large-scale AV control integration.

Create specific role-based accounts for system designers, installers, technicians, system operators, and more. This is ideal for large AV control system projects requiring a full team of staff members, as well as dedicated personnel for after-sale support and managed services.

Get started with Velocity in no time.


Integrators can deploy Velocity after just a short online training course, with no need to attend lengthy classes, earn certifications, or hire expert programmers.


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