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ClearOne Huddle Promotion

8 August 2018

Earn Free Credit with CONVERGE® Huddle Purchases!


1.Purchase a Converge Huddle DSP or multiple Converge Huddle DSP units at normal price.


2.For every Huddle purchased a “Huddle Voucher” is raised and registered (Consisting of order number and date of order -example 70855-07/08/18)


3.“Huddle Voucher” entitles the dealer to a credit for £600 (for every Huddle Purchased).


4.The “Huddle Voucher” can then be redeemed against any ClearOneproduct purchased that is greater or equal to the credit value.


5.“Huddle Voucher” expires 90 days after issue.(Date of the original invoice)


6.Original Huddle Invoice will still be due –credit applied to account


Offer Ends 31stOctober 2018


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