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Absolute Acoustics NDS-X12-SPLT 1:2 Splitter/Scaler

Absolute Acoustics NDS-X12-SPLT 1:2 Splitter/Scaler


Absolute Acoustics® NDS-X12 is a HDMI splitter/scaler specially designed to solve Ultra-HD issues. With one HDMI input and two outputs, the X12 splits the source signal for two displays simultaneously. The Main Output can be configured to bypass the video signal from the source at its original resolution or downscale it to 1080p, allowing compatibility with older displays. The Sub Output can also be configured to bypass the original resolution or upscale the video signal to 2160p. Both outputs manage HDCP, adjusting the copy protection system to the right version, ensuring compatibility with newer and older display devices. The X12 also de-embeds digital audio from the HDMI source, making it available on an analogue RCA stereo connection.


  • SCALING SPLITTER - X12 splits the HDMI input signal for two outputs simultaneously, bypassing, scaling up or downscaling the resolution on each output
  • HDMI AUDIO DE-EMBEDDING - De-embedding digital audio contained in the HDMI signal, making it available on a RCA stereo connection
  • FULLY UHD/4K ENABLED - Compatible with the new ultra-high definition sources and displays, displaying signals at resolutions up to 2160p@60
  • SMART HDCP MANAGEMENT - HDCP management of all connected devices, ensuring compatibility with newer and older displays
  • HDCP 2.2 COMPLIANT - Fully licensed and compatible with HDCP 2.2, the latest content protection specification
  • EDID ADJUSTMENT TOOL - The X12 manages EDID through 7 internal presets and can also be configured with custom EDID files, via external software.


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