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RBH Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier 100W

RBH Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier 100W


The BT-100 amplifier is a new, innovative device that fully overturns the traditional way of listening to music. Delivering true audiophile-grade fidelity, the BT-100 features state-of-the-art Bluetooth® technology, allows wireless connections from a distance of up to 100-feet. Analogue and digital inputs give the BT-100 the ability to adapt to today’s media sources, putting a completely modern, wireless spin on an old icon. With its Bluetooth® capability, the BT-100 provides the convenience of wireless streaming the highest quality audio from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC. The BT-100 even supports the latest Chromecast® Audio WiFi streaming device. With power that really delivers providing 100W RMS (50W x 2) @ 4 Ohms or 50W RMs (25W x 2) @ 8 Ohms per channel may sound small, but like all RBH Sound amplifiers, the BT-100 can outperform amplifiers that are much larger. With its very small form factor, the BT-100 astounds many due to its ability to power larger loudspeakers to satisfying levels without adding noise or distortion.


  • Easy setup, connects in seconds
  • Plug-n-play, no software to install
  • Superior sound and extended range
  • Stream your favorite music to any speakers from any Bluetooth enabled device

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