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KPX LCD Keypad For NX Multi-Room Systems

KPX LCD Keypad For NX Multi-Room Systems


The KPX keypad is the native control interface for Absolute Acoustics® NX multi-room audio systems. Its five-character display aids in source selection, offering 30 source labels to name your sources. The display also indicates volume and system status, and has have adjustable colours for LCD text and background.

Easily adjust the bass, treble, balance and volume directly from the keypad to personalize the sound playback in any zone. For added convenience, you can turn on or off the whole system off at any keypad.

KPX has a sophisticated Decora®-style design, and fits in any single-gang electrical box.


  • INTUITIVE CONTROL INTERFACE - Shows current selected source, and give easy access to volume, balance, bass and treble settings
  • SINGLE WIRE, NO POWER - Easy installation through a single CAT cable. No electrical power is required
  • PROGRAMABLE SOURCE NAMES - Includes a list of over 30 programmable source names for personalising the system
  • DECORA® STYLE DESIGN - Sophisticated Decora®-style design, available in a Matte White finish, and customisable colour layout for LCD display

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