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Absolute Acoustics NX-1 2 In / 1 Out Single-Zone Audio Controller

Absolute Acoustics NX-1 2 In / 1 Out Single-Zone Audio Controller


The Absolute Acoustics® NEXOS NX1 is a compact controller/amplifier that provides source switching, amplification and subwoofer connectivity for a single zone, bringing true audio excellence for a rich listening experience

Designed for flexible configuration and easy integration, the NX1 fits any design needs: two inputs — one analogueue and one digital optical — allow users to listen to whatever they want. A high-performance amplifier operates efficiently, providing 40W (20W per channel) @ 8 Ohms, and a subwoofer output enables the addition of a subwoofer into the system. When more power is required, a pre-amp audio output with fixed/variable volume enables the connection to an external amplifier, delivering adequate power to the room

Direct wiring adds ease of installation and audio reproduction without any distortion, and RS232 / IR ports allow any automation system to control the NX1.


  • HIGH QUALITY AMPLIFIER - High-performance and highly-efficient amplifiers save energy and provide 40W (20W per channel) @ 8 Ohms for each output zone
  • DIGITAL AUDIO INPUT - A digital optical input allows direct connection of digital sources, for a cleaner and easier installation
  • SUBWOOFER OUTPUT - A dedicated output enables the connection to an external subwoofer, adding bass extent to the system
  • COMPACT SIZE - All this technology is embedded in a compact 1U chassis, which makes the installation easier in furniture or professional racks


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