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Scan Converters and Scalers

Scan Converters and Scalers

KRAMER Scan Converters and Scalers

Kramer’s industry leading ProScale™ scalers and scaler/switchers simplify connectivity and provide the best possible image quality in every important presentation and live event. This includes applications in houses of worship, corporate presentations and education, to name a few.

Kramer scalers and scaler/switchers convert video or computer graphics signals to match today’s fixed resolution plasma displays, LCD monitors and LCD, DLP and LCoS projectors. Our scalers use the latest in digital signal processing technology to provide the highest quality decoding, de-interlacing and motion compensation for the best possible image free of motion artifacts. Our scaler/switchers, whether they use our FTB™ (Fade-thru-black) or two scaling engines for true “Seamless Switching” as in our In-CTRL™ models, provide glitch-free switching of sources for the smoothest possible presentation.

Kramer is a world leader in scaler and scaler/switcher products. Kramer also offer a comprehensive line of high-performance professional scan converters that can display a high-resolution image on an older style TV. Whether you need a compact Kramer TOOLS™ solution or a 19-inch rack mount solution with RS-232 control and Ethernet, Kramer has the scan converter you need.



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