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Format & Standards Converters

Format & Standards Converters

KRAMER Format & Standards Converters

Kramer Electronics has a full line of video, audio, and sync interfaces for Pro AV and broadcast applications, including:


  • Analogue Video Decoders, Encoders and Transcoders - Convert between various analogue video formats such as composite, s-Video (Y/C), RGB and component
  • Analogue Audio Converters - Convert between unbalanced and balanced analogue audio
  • Analogue - Digital Video Converters and Processors - Convert between analogue and digital video signal formats including SD/HD/3G HD-SDI
  • Analogue - Digital Audio Converters - Convert between different analogue and digital audio formats including AES/EBU, S/PDIF and TOSLINK®
  • Digital Audio Embedders and De-embedders - Add digital audio to a digital video stream or separate the embedded digital audio from the digital video stream
  • Standards Converters and Time Base Correctors - Convert between different video standards (PAL, NTSC, etc.) and provide video time base correction and image stabilisation
  • Graphic Format Converters - Convert between computer graphics video signals, such as XGA and UXGA formats and analogue video signals, such as RGBHV signals
  • Video Sync Processors - Generate standard video sync and black burst for studio gunlock Applications
  • Video Sync Converters - Convert between the different sync formats: composite, separate H & V, analogue and TTL, as well as adding and separating sync on the green channel
  • Video Sync Restorers - Restore and rebuild lost or distorted sync signals and full black burst signals



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