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Range Extenders and Repeaters

Range Extenders and Repeaters

KRAMER Range Extenders and Repeaters

Kramer Electronics has a full line of range extender solutions, including twisted pair (CAT 5) extenders, fibre optic and coax extenders and repeaters for the Pro AV market. Twisted pair technology simplifies the distribution of AV and control signals in a system. Signals are transmitted over greater distances than with traditional coaxial cable using inexpensive and commonly available CAT 5 twisted pair cable. Our twisted pair products include transmitters, receivers, and line amplifiers.

Transmitters convert video, audio and/or control signals to a twisted pair signal format (balanced line). Receivers convert these twisted pair signals back to their original formats for distribution at the destination. Line amplifiers extend the operating distance of the twisted pair system, by adding amplification and cable compensation.

With an extremely broad range of products, Kramer is an acknowledged leader in range extender technology for the distribution of audio, video and control signals.


  • Our fibre optic extenders include transmitters and receivers for sending analogue and digital video signals over very long distance
  • Our repeater line includes solutions for extending digital signals, such as DVI, HDMI or FireWire over long distance.


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