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Cables & Connectors

Cables & Connectors

KRAMER Cables & Connectors

Kramer has a full line of cable solutions to “connect” every Pro AV or broadcast system. Our comprehensive line of cables includes bulk cables, cable assemblies and termination accessories.


  • Bulk Cable - Unterminated cable on spools (without connectors) is designed for custom installations where the installer terminates the cable. It is available in a wide range of formats (coaxial, multiconductor presentation, audio, control, speaker and twisted pair) in varying length spools. Some bulk cables are available in low smoke halogen free and plenum rated versions
  • Cable Assemblies - Assemblies are pre-cut and terminated cables in varying lengths ready for use in virtually every connectivity application. They are available with a wide range of connectors including BNC, RCA, 15-pin HD, 4-pin s-Video, DVI, HDMI, FireWire®, XLR and 3.5mm mini jack. Several types of these cables are available in low smoke halogen free and plenum rated versions
  • Termination Accessories - The perfect way to complete your cable installation with Kramer’s bulk cable. They include industry standard connectivity adapters, gender changers and solder on connectors, as well as our high performance radial compression system and industry-standard crimp system for installing BNC, RCA or F-type connectors



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