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Lutron Rania™ single lighting dimmer - frameless

Lutron Rania™ single lighting dimmer - frameless


The Rania® RNSU-452 dimmer is classed as a universal dimmer meaning it will handle most types of lighting without additional interfaces.

Incandescent, magnetic and electronic low voltage systems are all catered for by the dimmer up to 450 W / VA. (full spec. below). It has leading and trailing edge capability, is fully CE approved and features auto resetting thermal overload, over current and short circuit protection.

The control plate has up and down buttons plus a single button for full on or fade off. Simply double tap for fade to full on and tap for a gentle fade to off, (Fade times can be adjusted) plus you can set a level for the lights to turn to when switched from off. A discrete set of led's on the control plate show the current lighting level.


  • Single and dual dimmer available
  • Green LEDs indicate light level
  • Lights softly fade to on/off
  • Auto load-sensing capability
  • Acoustically quiet operation
  • Dim your light from up to 10 locations
  • (requires accessory dimmers)
  • Double-tap to full on
  • Memorises last light level
  • Replaces a standard switch
  • Full family of products for all modern
  • lighting sources
  • Family includes wiring accessories


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