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Middle Atlantic Cabinet Frame Rack

Middle Atlantic Cabinet Frame Rack


The CFR from Middle-Atlantic is a low-profile cabinet frame rack that allows you to install rack equipment in cabinets, credenzas, and other pieces of furniture. The rack has a strong welded frame that allows you to preload equipment before installing the rack into your furniture. The rack comes complete with 2 adjustable front-to-rear lacing bars for dressing cables or mounting accessories, and the rack rail features an offset cable tie area that keeps the rack to a slim width. Available in any size ranging from 8U to 14U. Due to the nature of Middle Atlantic products and high amount of flexible options available, we are unable to give prices online. Please call one of our team on 01488 73366 with any price or accessory enquiries. Please note: If there isn’t a rack to suit your requirements on our website, please get in contact with us as Middle Atlantic have a solution to fit almost all requirements.


  • Low profile design maximises amount of useable rack space
  • Features a strong welded frame that allows for pre-loading equipment and transportation to the installation site
  • Available in 16” and 18” depths
  • 8U to 14U useable racking height
  • Comes standard with two adjustable front to rear lacing bars for cable dressing or mounting accessories
  • Rack rail features offset cable tie area which keeps the rack to a slim 19-1/4" width


Pricing is only available to registered dealers. If you wish to become a dealer, please see our dealers area.